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About Us

With rich experiences in medical device quality system assessment, R&D, risk management, production process, sterilization, quality control, FiLi Care is a professional and reliable supplier of hemodialysis products and medical produces. 

FiLi Care is specialized in below items:

Hemodialysis machines;
RO water treatment system; 
Dialysis Chairs;
Dialyzer reprocessing machines;
Dialysate stirring machines;
Dialysis consumables: Dialyzers, Bloodlines, Fistula Needles, Catheters, Dialysis Powder, Dialysis Concentrate, Bi-Cart, Bi-Bag, Syringes and so on; 
Waterproof Cast Cover;
Safety products;

Medical products; 

FiLi Care has reliable supply channels and close strategic partnerships. We are committed to supply reliable, safe, effective medical devices to reduce clinical application risk and customer complain. We can provide customers with one-stop service and support in optimizing the supply chain management to save purchase costs, improve purchase efficiency and create benefits for customers. 

FiLi Care is one of the most well-established wholesalers and producers of medical and promotional products in China. Through over 18 years hard working and long-term cooperation, FiLi Care has built strong and lasting relationships with our key suppliers, so we can provide high quality products with very affordable price. What’s more, we have built long-standing friendly relationship with many customers all over the world. We also warmly welcome you to join us.

In this stage, FiLi Care has a wide range, a large part of which is devoted to Hemodialysis Products, Waterproof Cast Cover, Bandage, Tape, Dressing, Non-woven products, CPR mask, Safety products and other relevant medical products.

Why choose FiLi care?

1. FiLi Care has a high degree of flexibility. We accept customized printing for a wide variety of products and will do our best to meet customers’ needs.

2. We’re familiar with medical products, we can provide you the latest products to keep you always stay ahead.

3. Time to market, time to volume, and time to delivery, let you win the market.

4. Over 200+ customers in Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and America use our high quality, and particularly, lower costs medical products.

5. FiLi care has meet ISO 9001 standard and most of the products meet FDA and CE requirements.

FiLi Care is Your best partner, with quality and responsibility.

Welcome to FiLi Care Company. We put ourselves in your shoes to understand how to make your life and work easier. Hoping FiLi Care is always your first choice in medical items and we can enlarge our business in nearest future.