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New Products-Waterproof Cast Cover
The Waterproof Cast Cover is a convenient way of protecting casts and bandages against water exposure when showering or taking part in water activity.
-Baths and showers
-Outdoor weather protection
-Cast and Bandage
-IV/PICC lines & Skin conditions
-User Friendly
-Neoprene material. Latex Free
-Extend the service life of the cast
-Keep the wound area dry
FL-WP001 Adult Hand          330x207mm   ∅ 35mm
FL-WP002 Adult Short Arm      600x207mm   ∅ 40mm
FL-WP003 Adult Elbow           310x207mm   ∅ 35mm/∅ 40mm 
FL-WP004 Adult Long Arm      720x207mm    ∅ 46mm
FL-WP005 Adult Foot           350x307mm   ∅ 40mm
FL-WP006 Adult Short Leg     650x307mm   ∅ 70mm
FL-WP007 Adult Long Leg     850x307mm   ∅ 85mm

Made of durable neoprene rubber and medical-grade thermoplastic polyurethane, the Adult Leg Cast Cover basically looks like a big Ziplock bag for your legs. And this is basically exactly how it works!
You pull the cover, which has a 40-60cm opening, over your cast and leg, pull it on up, and secure the cover with an elastic mouth seal. This cover is made for light aquatic activity like showering, and not for sustained or vigorous water activities like swimming where the cast cover is going to be submerged for longer periods of time.
One thing that came up over and over again is that the mouth seal is quite comfortable, and not inclined to cut off circulation in your leg to get that water-proof fit. The liner has additional waterproof sealing material to keep water out, and we recommend that you don’t subject the cover to water for longer than 20 minutes and to dry the cover post-exposure with a cloth.